Class Description

Our SOAR Fall Prevention 2-hour training concentrates on teaching seniors, caregivers and their sponsors the importance of balance, muscle strength, flexibility and mobile stability to lower the risk of falling. These are most often held at individuals’ homes, senior living communities and other senior service organizations throughout the community.

The training process will assess risk and discuss interventions to minimize the risk of falling. Participants will learn the importance of strengthening muscles, improving joint flexibility, increasing stamina and boosting mobility confidence. We will demonstrate to attendees how to handle fall situations.

Some topics will include:

  • 10 indicators that you are at risk of falling
  • Functional fitness training versus athletic fitness training
  • How to counter sarcopenia and cognitive decline
  • Importance of SOAR Fall Prevention exercise and how it differs from other programs
  • How to prevent a fall
  • How to get up from a fall
  • How to fall to prevent breaking bones
  • How to respond before, during and after a fall
  • How to assist a falling person without risking personal injury
  • Environmental safety

Who should take this course?

  • All older adults 55 and older
  • Anyone who has fallen or have a fear of falling
  • Anyone who uses a walker or cane to get around
  • Any older adults that live alone
  • Anyone who is a caregiver for an older adult

Who should take this training?

  • All caregivers and home health care professionals
  • Group fitness instructors and personal trainers
  • Children and family members of older adults
  • Occupational Therapists and Assistants
  • Managers, activity directors and staff of older adult facilities
  • Group Home resident facility operators
  • Senior Community Center Directors and Staff
  • Physical Therapist and Assistants
  • Program Managers of Older Adult programs
  • Nursing professionals, RNs, LPN, Aides
  • Recreational Center directors, managers and staff
  • Program directors of community service organizations
  • Church older adult activity directors and ushers

For more information/registration, call 408-315-6690 or email us at