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Properly trained caregivers are invaluable to reducing falls and helping older adults maintain their independence. This means that caregivers must know how to recognize and respond to fall risk and how to properly respond instantly to a fall situation. Secondly, they should know how to advocate for the needs and proper care of their clients.

SOAR Caregiver Fall Prevention Training and Certification prepares trainees to respond effectively to fall risk environments.

This course will teach caregivers how to:

  • Communicate with older adults and their families
  • Adapt to changes, due to aging (walking, standing, sitting, falling)
  • Help improve clients mobility skills
  • Work with clients to develop a proper exercise program
  • Implement interventions to minimize the impact of fall risks
  • Respond to and manage fall situations
  • Be an advocate to report and debrief family, doctors and first responders
  • Be consistent and persistent in promoting exercise with resistant clients
  • Stay actively alert for hazards and safety concerns in the environment

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