SOAR Fall Prevention offers one-on-one personal training program (Staying fit and fall free) in homes, gyms or offices or other client selected locations.

The training will consist of 10 visits. Each session will be one-hour, except the first session which can take up to 2 hours.

The First Visit, will be a personal fall risk assessment and an optional environmental risk assessment (Evaluates home for hazards that could cause a fall). Caregivers are encouraged to attend to help provide continuity to the training, i.e. helping the student to stay focused on improving by practicing the assigned daily exercises that are to be performed until the next session. Student will be given an outline of the 10 week program and the expectation and expected outcome.

The Second Visit, primary flexibility, breathing, aerobic and balance.
The instructor will explain what each area of exercise wants to achieve, questions are answered and then the exercise is practiced. At the end of the class, the instructor will assign student daily exercises to do until next session.

Third to Ninth Visit, preliminary flexibility, breathing, aerobic and balance will be practiced each week. The program will focus on improving cognitive, mobility, coordination and agility skills. Each week one or more of the following components will be taught and practiced. Static Balance and coordination exercises, upper body and dexterity exercise, lower body strength and agility exercises, Functional mobility training, all joint range of motion and small motor skills, speed and endurance exercise.

Tenth Visit, follow up with a second personal fall risk assessment and an evaluation and analysis based upon what student has achieved and recommendations as to what the student must do to maintain their gains.

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